What is building "commissioning" and why do it?  Well, simply put,
commissioning is the process of verifying that building systems have
been installed and properly adjusted to operate according to the design
intent.  Commissioning is probably most critical with regard to
mechanical and electrical systems within a building.  These "systems" are
composed of individual components that are typically installed as exactly
that - individual components.  These individual components may be
installed by different contractors or even different trades.   System
commissioning by a neutral third party examines each
entire system, and
ensures that the individual components have been installed and adjusted to
achieve the overall system performance intended by the system designers.
One of the most neglected systems with regard to building
commissioning is the power distribution system.  Too often an entire
electrical distribution system is installed and the trip settings on the circuit
breakers or relays are not set.  The engineer says it wasn't in their scope
and the contractor didn't have it in their bid either.  Unfortunately, this
neglected task is discovered when a fault or short-circuit downstream in
the system trips the main circuit breaker causing a facility wide blackout.

$$$ Commissioning optimizes the Owner's investment $$$
Building Commissioning Services
MV Relays, Circuit Breakers, Ground Fault Monitors
Adjustable Trip Circuit Breakers
Variable Frequency Drive Installations
Mission Critical Server Room and Data Centers
Lighting Control Systems
Energy Management Systems
Distributed Generation & Peak Shaving
Stand-by and Emergency Generator Installations
Fire Alarm and Security System Installations
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